Features of the most beautiful flower in the Philippines?

What is the most beautiful flower in the Philippines?

Did you know the Philippines is a beautiful archipelago country in Southeast Asia?

It’s made up of more than 7,100 tropical islands! Even though it’s not that big, it’s one of the top 18 most biodiverse countries worldwide.

The Philippines’ flower farms are quickly becoming tourist destinations because of their many opportunities for experiencing the natural world.

So, it can be claimed that with over 10,000 species of vascular plants and 5% of the world’s flora, the Philippines is a prime location for discovering spectacular blooms, and roses, celosias, and sunflowers are just a few of the more common types of flowers grown on these farms.

To the details offered above, we’ve got a list of the most beautiful flowers in the Philippines for you to be familiar with.

So, if you are a fan of flowers, be with us up to the end!

+10 Most beautiful flowers in the Philippines

  1. As it said, the Philippines is home to some of the most beautiful flowers on the planet, and yet it only ranks sixth in the number of plant species in the whole globe.
  2. So, to continue, let’s be familiar with 10 types of them.
  3. Jade Vine (Strongylodon macrobotrys)This bloom, found in 1841 on Luzon Island in the Philippines’ Mount Makiling, is known as the emerald and turquoise jade vine.
  4. Did you know that the stems of this vining flower, one of the most beautiful flowers in the Philippines, can grow up to 60 feet long?
  5. It’s amazing how they intertwine with tree trunks and branches as they reach upward! Amazingly, turquoise or green blooms can grow up to 10 feet long.
  6. This flower is absolutely stunning and incredibly rare, and It’s no wonder it’s considered one of the most prized and expensive flowers in the world.

+10 Most beautiful flowers in the Philippines

  1. Sampaguita (Jasminum sambac)  

Sampaguita was designated the Philippine national flower by then-Governor-General Frank Murphy in 1934.

Did you know that this flower isn’t native to our country? Sampaguita was brought to the country a long time ago for decorative purposes. It was also used to make perfume because of its lovely fragrance during the colonial period.

But over time, people started to think of Sampaguita as only offered to saints and used for religious purposes. It’s because of its white appearance!

White is often seen as a symbol of purity, fidelity, and hope; these features change it to the other most beautiful flowers in the Philippines.

Sampaguita (Jasminum sambac)  

  1. Ylang-ylang (Cananga odorata)

The ylang-ylang (sometimes spelled ilang-ilang) is an excellent choice if a fragrant bloom is desired.

This amazing plant produces a super fragrant essential oil used everywhere in the perfume industry.

You know those famous perfumes like Chanel No. 5, and this plant’s oil is a key ingredient!

The fragrance industry loves ylang-ylang so much that they’ve named it “The Queen of Perfumes.”

Did you know that there’s this flower that grows on the Cananga tree? It’s this pretty greenish-yellow color, and it’s shaped like a star.

The Cananga tree itself can grow tall, up to 40 feet! It’s the most beautiful flower in the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Solomon Islands, Thailand, Indonesia, and even Queensland, Australia.


  1. Waling-waling (Vanda sanderiana)

  • Let’s continue with this question: have you heard about Waling-waling? It’s often called the Queen of Philippine Orchids/Flowers.
  • People love it! You can find it used in many ways, like as a garland, perfume, or a beautiful decoration for your home.
  • The flower is absolutely beautiful! When it blooms, it releases this amazing effervescent smell that fills the air with the sweet scent of nature.
  • It’s like being surrounded by the most beautiful natural fragrance. Did you know that in 2013, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) received a petition to make Waling-waling the National Flower of the Philippines?
  • It’s pretty interesting because Waling-waling is native to the island of Mindanao and holds a special significance to the indigenous Bagobo tribes, who worship it as a deity.
  • The Waling-waling is the most beautiful flower in the Philippines.
  1. Rose Grape (Medinilla magnifica)

  • Now, it is the turn of fun facts! Even though it’s called the Philippine Orchid, this flower isn’t related to the Orchidae family.
  • It’s called that because it’s a plant that lives on trees! This plant can grow up to 3 meters tall! And guess what? Its flowers bloom in clusters of beautiful pink, purple, and red blossoms. Isn’t that amazing in your idea?
  • You can tell from its name that the small round blossoms look like a red grape. Many Filipinos love using flowers for decoration, which caused them to become the most beautiful flowers in the Philippines. You can eat the berries on this plant too!

Rose Grape

  1. Edible Amaranth (Amaranthus tricolor)

The Edible Amaranth, a member of the spinach family, is covered with green leaves throughout the majority of the year.

But you know what’s amazing? In the summer, the leaves burst into this incredible explosion of color, and it’s like they’re showing off their vibrant shades of red, yellow, and green. It’s such a beautiful sight, and this plant is so fascinating; it is the most beautiful flower in the Philippines.

It’s called Joseph’s Coat because of its multicolored appearance, just like the coat Joseph wore in the biblical story. People appreciate them for their decorative purposes, but did you know they’re also used in food and herbal medicines? It’s pretty cool how versatile they are!

  1. Rafflesia (Rafflesia consueloae)

  • This flower in the Rafflesiaceae family is truly a sight to see and smell!
  • So, this flower has no visible root or stem and blooms directly from its host plant. What a beautiful bloom!
  • Did you hear that those red flowers with five petals can grow to be huge, or did you know that a species with blooms is as big as a golf club?
  • They can measure up to 3 feet across!
  • Before you head out to find this giant, we should tell you that some people call it the “corpse lily” or “corpse flower” because of its strong smell.
  • This stinky flower might not be our cup of tea, but flies and beetles love it! They play a crucial role in pollinating the plant, and it is known as the most beautiful flower in the Philippines among flower fans.
  1. Palawan Cherry Blossom (Avanica nodosa)

Although most Americans associate cherry blossoms with Washington, D.C., the Palawan Cherry Blossom can be found in tropical regions like the Philippines.

This spring deciduous tree has the most beautiful pink and white blooms and the most beautiful flowers in the Philippines!

They’re so cute, and these flowers are so attractive! No wonder they’re a hit in ornamental gardens.

The subspecies that are native to the Philippines are called belaying by the locals. Did you know that throughout history, flowers have often been used to symbolize the beauty and strength of women? It’s amazing how they can represent such powerful qualities.

There’s a festival called the Balayong Festival that takes place every March to celebrate this symbolism. It must be a wonderful event to witness!

  1. Monarch Rosemallow (Hibiscus radiatus)

Number nine and the other most beautiful and special flowers in the Philippines!

Did you know that the monarch rosemallow is a type of hibiscus that can grow up to one meter tall?!

It’s got this cool trumpet-like flower that’s all showy and has a bright fuchsia center. It’s pretty funny how often people mistake this plant for marijuana.

That’s because the leaves of this plant are shaped like the ones on a cannabis plant, and some people believe that the shrub has the potential to cure a fever, and the Filipino people believe that it’s a blood purifier.

10. Easter lily (Lilium longiflorum)

  • The northern Philippines, Taiwan, and Japan are the only places in the world where you can find the Easter lily, this beautiful and cute flower in the Philippines.
  • The stem of this plant can grow to be over 3 feet long, and the best part is it’s covered in these beautiful flowers that face outward and bloom from April to June.
  • It must be such a sight, and those trumpet-shaped flowers smell so good! They have this lovely, fresh, floral scent.
  • Consider that the Easter lily is a powerful symbol of the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Christian faith. It’s often seen in churches during Eastertide.
  • But you know, to make sure those flowers are all pretty and blooming just in time for Easter (which can be on any date between March 22 and April 25), they change the conditions a bit to make them bloom earlier than they normally would.

The Final words

The Philippines is home to such a diverse range of flora! It’s amazing how this has resulted in many beautiful flowers that hold significant meanings in Filipino culture, boast distinctive appearances, or brighten up any scenery.

It’s amazing how much variety there is in flowers in the Philippines. It’s mostly because of the island’s tropical climate and various landscapes.

The mountainous regions and long sandy coastlines create the perfect conditions for various plant life to thrive.

Did you know that in the Philippines, people often use flowers as decorations for special occasions? So, it’s such a lovely way to add a festive touch!

We’ve assembled a collection of the most popular and attractive Philippine flowers. We hope you enjoyed reading about them and found all your needed information.

Now you tell us that you are a fan of the flower?

If your answer is yes, which one of these Philippine flowers we talked about are your favorite?

Finally, what are the others that you know and we should have talked about and mentioned in the comment section?

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