Leaves Falling Off Orange Tree

When leaves start falling off an orange tree, it can indicate a potential issue that needs attention. As autumn arrives and the weather gets cold, you will see dropping leaves on the ground with various colors, which make an appealing noise when you run on them. Why leaves may fall off your orange tree other than during the fall season?

As you know, leaves are incredibly crucial for the life of trees as they photosynthesize with the help of their leaves. It will also affect the tree’s productivity and health if it loses its leaves suddenly. This article will explore why leaves may fall off of trees. We’ll also explore what you can do to address the issue.

why oranges fall off their leaves

Reasons why orange trees fall off their leaves

For several reasons, your tree may lose its leaves, which we discuss in this section to help you avoid doing some harmful actions. Here are these:

  • water stress
  • environmental factors
  • transplant shock
  • Pests & diseases
  • nutrient deficiency

In the following, we will consider each of the above cases.

Relationship between water stress and leaves falling off the orange tree

Investigating the causes of leaf shedding due to water stress:

  • Water stress significantly contributes to premature leaf loss in trees. That applies to orange trees as well. Adequate and consistent soil moisture is crucial for their well-being.
  • Both under-watering and overwatering can lead to detrimental effects on orange trees. Overwatering can result in root damage, while underwatering can cause leaf shedding.
  • Insufficient water supply to the soil can cause the leaves of orange trees to turn yellow and eventually fall off. Drooping leaves are likely to occur whether the tree is under-watered or overwatered.
  • To prevent such issues, it is essential to regularly monitor the moisture levels in the soil surrounding your orange tree. That helps ensure the tree receives appropriate watering, avoiding water deficiency and excess.

water stress and leaves falling off orange tree

The effect of environmental factors on the fall of orange tree leaves

Orange trees are sensitive to temperature changes, and excessive heat or cold weather can adversely affect them. Orange trees usually tolerate temperatures between 27◦ F to 100◦ F, and orange trees will not welcome temperatures outside this range. Orange trees cannot stand cold stress and start dying from leaf drops.

Orange trees may lose their leaves due to environmental factors, including extreme heat or cold. The hot weather cannot affect the orange tree as well as cold weather unless the soil has no moisture. Although orange trees are more resistant than other citrus trees, temperatures lower than 27 degrees can be fatal.

Providing your orange tree with the proper shade during hot weather is essential to prevent this. In addition, it’s necessary to protect it from frost during cold weather.

fall of tree leaves

Orange leaf shedding due to transplant shock

Another reason behind the loss of leaves by these trees is the standard transplant shock. When you transplant an orange tree from one pot to another, it may fall off its leaves due to transplant shock. When orange trees are moved and need to establish a new root system, they can experience stress.

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To ensure optimal results, avoiding damaging the root ball and planting the tree as soon as possible is recommended. After growing in a new place, you can do nothing but wait for the plant to recover for up to one year. If the pot size is appropriate, avoid transplanting the orange tree if possible; Otherwise, you may see the leaves of your orange tree falling off.

To have a safe transplant, consider these tips:

  • Make new ground prepared.
  • After transplanting, water the soil to keep it moist.
  • Remove the maximum amount of the tree’s topsoil while protecting the shallow roots.
  • Grab the tree trunk base and wiggle lightly.
  • Put the tree in the new ground and fill it with more soil.

Orange leaf shedding

Pests & diseases

Another reason which leads to leaf drops from orange trees is pets and diseases.

  1. Orange trees are vulnerable to various threats, including insects, fungi, bacteria, and viruses.
  2. Aphids, particularly Aphis spiracular, are minuscule insects that feed on the underside of leaves, leading to curling of citrus leaves.
  3. While leaf curling may not significantly impact the overall tree yield, aphids pose a more severe danger as carriers of the Tristeza virus.
  4. Aphids often target young trees with sensitive leaves. However, as the tree matures and its leaves harden, the aphid population declines rapidly.
  5. Unfortunately, pet infections can quickly spread from one area to another and affect the entire tree.

The relationship between nutrient deficiency and leaf fall in oranges.

Like other trees, orange trees need specific nutrients to grow healthy and strong. Insufficient levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium nutrients can result in leaves that are prone to drooping. Providing your orange tree with the proper fertilizer is essential, preventing nutrient deficiencies.

orange tree

Summing up of leaves falling off the orange tree

Investigating the cause and taking appropriate action is crucial if your orange tree sheds leaves outside the regular fall season. Addressing the issue promptly, whether from disease, pest infestation, or environmental factors, is crucial to prevent additional damage and maintain your tree’s ongoing health and productivity.

We hope reading this article helps you address your issue. If you have any tips on preventing orange trees from falling off leaves, share them with us in the comment section. We would be delighted to hear from you.


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