considering money plant’s leaves are falling daily

My money plant’s leaves are falling daily. What should I do?

Today, in this article, we want to talk about the Money Tree or Pachira Aquatica, which is one of the excellent houseplants due to its low light and low maintenance requirements.

They look amazing almost everywhere because of their tall growth and large, angular, fan-shaped leaves.

In addition to all of the features and beauties this plant has, one of the most complex parts of having a money tree is this plant’s leaves falling daily.

Many reasons cause leaf loss on a cash tree, although stress from other factors can also trigger the daily fall of leaves.

But we have some good news and tell you not to worry if you are a fan of plants.

My money plant's leaves are falling daily. What should I do?

We decided to discuss the question, “My money plant’s leaves are falling daily. What should I do?” and offer you the solution to continue.


Leaves are falling from your Money Tree, but Why?

We know what gets on your nerves when you realize your money tree (Pachira aquatica) leaves fall daily for no reason!

It’s frustrating; your money tree seems slightly stressed with all those leaves suddenly dropping.

Want to know how to prevent accidental leaf loss on your Pachira Aquatica? One of the most important things is learning to read the signs of distress.

Let’s dive in and find out more!

Leaves are falling from your Money Tree, but Why?

  1. Watering 
  • Money trees are straightforward to water. If they are overwatered, they may become angry. On the other hand, if you don’t give them enough water, they get upset, and the Pachira Aquatica start losing their leaves.
  • So, finding balance is essential! You will notice that the tips of the leaves start to turn brown, or sometimes the entire leaf turns color.
  • Be sure to check the soil moisture level when you notice any change in leaf color. You want to ensure it’s not too wet or too dry!
  • When it comes to watering your Money tree, the best practice is to give it a good watering, remove the excess water, then wait until the soil is almost dry before watering again during their growing season inside, or if it’s boiling, they’ll need a lot of water.
  1. Light 

To care for this plant, you should consider that placing the money tree too close to direct sunlight can burn the leaves and cause its leaves to start to fall.

So, to solve the money tree’s leaves falling, you can move your plant near a south-facing window in the summer, then move it to an east-facing window in the summer, and turning it 90 degrees once a week is a great way to make sure everything gets enough light and grows evenly!

  1. Temperature 
  • In this part, let’s answer this question: did you know that a money tree can get stressed if its temperature changes or it encounters a cold snap? 
  • Putting this plant in a low-humidity environment, like indoors with dry air, causes the leaves to wilt and fall off pretty much everything you can imagine! 
  • Just keep it safe from heat, wind, air conditioning, and drafty windows to keep it secure. 
  • You can use a humidifier to add water or place it on a tray with a towel-soaked towel.



  1. Pets & diseases

For the fourth reason, we want to mention pets and diseases. Consider that Money plants can be damaged by common pests such as spider mites, aphids, and mealworms. 

Falling leaves in money trees are signs of a fungal or bacterial infection, which can affect your plant. 

Both of these have the unfortunate potential of leaf damage or loss. Check your tree regularly for pests and diseases.

If you find one, act immediately to get them treated. If you want to keep pests and diseases at bay, using organic methods to control pests and keep the soil out of debris is best.

  1. Trunk failure

The issue’s root may not be in the soil or insects but in the well itself. Over- or under-watering can often cause a plant to lose a stem, including condemned money trees.

Check for internal rot, keep well tight, and cut off any damaged pieces to solve the leaves falling off the money tree. To see if the trunk is alive, gently twist the box to reveal any green underneath.

  1. Transplant stress

It is common for your money tree to lose some leaves when you close it again. You can get unnecessarily frustrated if you do a lot of work with your plant roots when repotting.


Replant your tree in a new container of fresh potting soil, and it will recover quickly. Your money tree should recover quickly from its leaf drop if you give it the attention and care it needs.

  1. An Unbalanced Nutrition
  • Your money tree may be shedding its leaves because you need to give it more water or fertilizer.
  • Such fast-growing plants need regular fertilizer applications to replace micronutrients depleted from potting soil over time.
  • To solve the leaves falling off the money tree and if they are active, fertilize three times every two weeks. Be careful to use the charcoal according to the directions on the box.
  1. Dropping occurs naturally.

In the final step, money tree leaves can fall off wealth and sprout new ones.

You don’t have to go crazy. This, of course, is the rule. Leaf loss of every tree with seasonal changes is common and not always alarming.

What are the essential tips to prevent leaves from falling off Money Tree?

  1. It’s natural to shed a few leaves as your money tree grows. Brown leaves signify that it is time to prune for new growth.
  2. Feeding your money tree twice a year and returning it to a slightly larger pot every year or two will also help it thrive.
  3. With proper maintenance, your money tree can double and live for decades.

What are the essential tips to prevent leaves from falling off Money Tree?

The final words

In summary, if your money tree is losing leaves every day, you can take steps to remedy the problem and improve the plant’s health.

Start by checking the basics like light, water, and how much water your plants are receiving. Place it where it will receive indirect rather than direct sunlight, as the latter can cause leaf drop.

Money plants need slightly moist soil but not soggy, so you must be careful not to overwater. Having the right amount of water can also help.

If you notice any leaf spots, inspect the plant for pests or diseases. If you see any problems, take corrective action, such as spraying with insecticidal soap or repotting the plants in fresh soil.

Money plants benefit from regular pruning and trimming to promote healthy growth and remove damaged or damaged foliage.

Give your plants some time to recover before you leave. For this purpose, we gave practical solutions, and we hope that all of them will be helpful for you and, by doing them, enjoy your plant.

So, we suppose you are a plant fan and will be with us up to the end; what is your idea about this topic: “My money plant’s leaves are falling daily. What should I do?”

Did you have the Money Tree in your house? Which one of these problems did you face? What do you do to solve it?

Share all your experiences with us in the comment section.

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