what are the Tops 6 trees that grow Fast

Tops 6 Trees That Grow Fast

As you know, growing trees require time and energy, and you should be patient when you want to grow a plant in your garden or backyard.

But some people need to be patient enough to see their tree in mature size to take advantage of their beauty.

Even if these inpatient people tend to plant a tree, they can benefit from the trees’ advantages.

They can opt fast fast-growing trees rather than trees that are slow-growing. You can see the list of fast-growing trees in this article if you want the same option for your garden.

Tops 6 Trees That Grow Fast


6 fast growing trees in the world

  • Here is the list of trees that grow faster, and you can enjoy them as an ornamental touch to your landscape.
  • Thuja Green GiantThuja Green Giant is one of the fastest-growing trees that should be noticed on this list. The preference USDA hardiness zone for this tree ranges from 5 to 9, allowing the tree to grow 3 to 5 feet per year in height.
  • This results in the growth of 15 to 20 feet in height after three years and reaches up to 30 to 40 feet as they mature.
  • Not only is this tree fast-growing, but also it is evergreen, which allows you to enjoy its beauty all year round.
  • It is not sensitive to drought, disease, or insects and does not require high maintenance.
  • The best thing about this plant is that it can stay in good shape without frequent pruning. This is also related to Tops 6 trees.

6 fast growing trees in the world

  1. Autumn Blaze Red Maple Tree

The Autumn blaze red maple tree is a tree that grows fast and reaches 24 inches tall each year. And you can see the tall tree about 50 feet after spending a few years.

Planting autumn blaze red maple trees can add a touch of beauty to any yard or garden and shade.


The stunning view of this plant is due to its bright red leaves appearing in the fall and glossy green leaves displayed in the spring.

This color transition provides the planter with new scenery each season.


  • Weeping Willow

  • Another tree that grows faster is the Weeping Willow, growing 6-8 feet per year. The beauty and eye-catching appearance are because of its tall branches, which grow from the trunk toward the ground, making it an excellent option for landscapes and streets.
  • This tree can thrive well if exposed to full sun and quickly adapt to various soil types with various pH levels.
  • If they don’t receive enough water, they can grow without any issue since it is not sensitive to drought or compacted soil.
  • Black Bamboo

  • Black Bamboo can grow in regions with 7 to 10 USDA hardiness zones. So, if you don’t have enough space for its growth, you can take it indoors by being exposed to full sun or partial shade.
  • Within three years, the color of bamboo will turn black, which is why it takes this name.
  • The tall of this plant grows 3 to 5 feet each year, and the maximum height of this tree ranges between 15 to 30 feet.
  • Although black bamboo is native to Japan and, China, Taiwan, it become widespread in most places of the world. It is mainly used to make screen privacy and build fences.
  • It prefers rich topsoil and is well-drained to thrive well. However, it can adapt to many types of soil by watering the plant. This is related to Tops 6 trees.

Black Bamboo

  1. Lombardy Poplar

Another tree that grows fast is the Lombardy poplar, growing 6 feet each year. They can also adapt to frost, cold weather, and heat; therefore, you can plant them in different regions without difficulty.

This tree’s lifespan ranged between 30 to 50 years on average. The leaves of this plant are pyramidal-shaped, tall, and dark green, which changes to yellow in the autumn.

The flowers for this fast-growing tree are small and yellow, appearing in the spring.

  1. Tulip Poplar Tree

  2. One of the stunning trees that should be included in the list of fast-growing trees is the Tulip poplar tree. Each year, you can see the ad of 6 feet the height of this plant, which reaches 70 feet as it matures.
  3. They grow effectively if exposed to full sun in an open area. It blooms in May and June, adding some color to the area.
  4. Its yellow leaves turn green as they reach maturity. This is related to Tops 6 trees.

Tulip Poplar Tree


Summing up

People look for trees that grow fast to add beauty to the landscape.

There is various choice for this purpose; depending on the planter’s desire and the area they want to plant, the tree should consider some features that fit their condition.

This article includes the 6 trees that grow faster and explain their features.

We hope you read this article and find the best option for your yard or garden.

Which of these trees grabbed your attention? Why?

Please tell us in the comment section.

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